Thursday, July 26, 2018

DFW Conference Online Presentation Gallery

To provide a lasting record of the conference presentations, we're putting together an online gallery of past presentations.

Submit to Presentation Gallery
For the online gallery, we'll accept any materials that you'd like to share on our website, including:
  • Presentation Slides
  • Handouts
  • Full Text of Your Presentation
  • A Professional Photo
Unlike the Conference Proceedings, the Presentation Gallery will not be printed, and is not subject to peer review - instead, we'd like to feature any and all materials that you'd be willing to share on our website.  However, please ensure that you only provide us with materials to which you have the rights (whether through Copyright or Fair Use.)

Just note the following conditions, and the required checkbox at the end of the submission form:

  • You grant the DFW Studies Conference the nonexclusive right to share the attached materials via website, social media, or other public forums.
  • Your attached materials are representative of your presentation given at the DFW Studies conference, that you have the permission of all co-presenters (if applicable).
  • You must have the appropriate rights and permissions to share the materials, either through copyright or fair use.
  • You'll be free to share or publish your materials elsewhere, but please notify us immediately in case of any conflicts with copyright or publication permissions.
  • For the purposes of Curriculum Vita, the Presentation Gallery is NOT a separate publication - it is simply a record of presentations already given.
  • Submission of materials is not a guarantee that they will be posted - the DFW Conference may refuse submissions at its sole discretion.

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