Planned Fees - 2019

These reflect the expected fees for 2019. In order to keep student fees unchanged, we're raising fees somewhat for faculty and sponsorships. In case of any questions about the fees or cases of financial hardship, please contact us.

Meals and Refreshments Included: As in past years, registration includes meals and refreshments during the conference.  All attendees and participants (including Skype presenters) are required to pay the registration rates unless a fee waiver has been issued.

Presenters: Register by May 15 to confirm your attendance.  If you cannot pay the fees by this date, please contact us so we can hold your slot and work out a better fee schedule.

Skype Presenters: Register by May 15.  In cases of financial hardship, we can reduce your registration rate to the next lower category.  However, we do still charge registration to prevent no-shows.  Please contact us in case of questions.

International Presenters: In the event that you are unable to travel to the U.S. due to a visa denial or travel restrictions, please contact us to set up a fee waiver for a Skype presentation.

Category Early Bird
(by March 31)
(starts April 1)
(Supports waivers!)


(Full time Employed)


(Part-Time Employed)





Book Fair Table**



*Student presenters may apply for a Fee Waiver.  If approved, the fee waiver will count as your registration.  Otherwise, please follow the fee schedule above.  If you pay tuition or are unemployed, please select the Student category.

**Book Fair Tables: Be sure to also register yourself and any representatives who will be attending the conference.  If you cannot send a representative, we'll be happy to set up your table for you - no need too pay additional registration fees.

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